Lifestyles of the witch and famous

I can’t believe how much I see so many pagans, or people claiming to be witches and shamans on social media. Mind you I know I’m guilty of the same thing, but I feel I need to clarify my recent need to put my messages out there.

Back in December I had the biggest kick in the ass to help everyone with the coming awakening. I have always been clairvoyant, and always empathic. What I noticed was dream walking more frequently, and involuntary to boot. Over the years I’ve had many places where I have a construct evolve and change from time to time. Also I’ve seen gods in my dreams, but they are just in the distance. All of a sudden it didn’t just evolve, but instead was slammed into a new form. I went from a luxury mansion to a glass walled food court. In the food court were many spirits that had messages to give. I noticed I would while awake, I would have journeys to other realms, or through the veil. All of a sudden my abilities amplified to where it was always happening. So back in December of 2018 the Hindu god Ganesh appeared to me in a dream. I noticed it was the new construct. While he was telling me I have everything I need, I will have to deal with new updates, changes are coming hard and fast. I was blown away because I hadn’t seen a Hindu god in my dreams, and gods don’t ever talk to me, they’re just there. I was bombarded every time I slept. Either gods, or spirits with significant past influences were all telling me to stop wasting my time. I would notice things manifesting in the world around me. Then in February or March, I was visited by Odin. He told me I’ve “dipped my toes in the water too long. Get in and get wet.” He banged the ground at his feet with his stave and it sent a huge ripple of energy that blew me back into an ocean. I came up for air to find myself alone in a dark sea but a very bright sun lighting the sky. I awoke to two ravens chortling in the tree right outside my bedroom window. How could I blow this off just as a dream? I felt this so deeply.

I was sent out to create a place for all pagans to gather, share, and support each other. I thought that most pagans tend to not need a church or anything but what about a sanctuary. I cane up with the idea to create a temple space and sanctuary. I looked into it and decided I will approach it the same way christians start a church. I would find a group of people who were like myself, on a mission to build this space. I sat and wrote out articles of incorporation and bylaws, but I still needed to find people to join in the venture. I went out, which I never do, and went to a book store where I met a guy named Jasper. previously he mentioned he was a heathen while I was buying the elder futhark. I told him of my idea and dream. He told me I needed to go talk to karma. I thought wow a dude who is named after a stone I carry told me to talk to a universal equalizer. He gave me the address and I went there. The building has signs all over say “Collective Karma” I went into the place kind of with a weird sense of purpose. There I met Kharma. She’s a woman with this aura and energy that was very inviting. She paused from doing a clients nails and walked out into her rock shop where I laid out the vision of Odin and the ravens outside my window. She tells me she’s a witch and has started a very similar thing with some other fellow pagans called “Pagan Perspectives AZ”. They had already filed their articles of incorporation, and told me of their event plans for midsummer. I decided I would park my plans for now, and add my energy to theirs. I was informed of a healing circle they do, as well as a class for empaths. I thought first that this was too convenient. My new circle of friends grew fast. I volunteered for midsummer and had a blast. I did overdo it though and was having a lupus flare during the event, but kept trucking on. After it was done it took me a couple weeks to recover. It was a wonderful experience though. All of a sudden I was invited back for another meeting, where I was made a member of the board.

Here I am now coming up on a year of a very intense ascension of consciousness. It’s been amazing and a pain in the ass, all at the same time. I find that old programming rearing it’s ugly head from time to time. It’s always around social media posts though. Everyone posting memes, regurgitated quotes, and their “insta-worthy” lifestyle photos. While I should be saying “wow! What an awesome time to be me.” Instead I start noticing how very disingenuous the posts come off. All the power and strength in this awakening is quickly becoming a millennial play land of yoga poses, merchandising, and fake smiles. I understand it’s the way the world is now, but by trying to connect to everyone, people are becoming very disconnected from the truth. That truth is, you can say you’re great, but you’re still hollow inside. You can say you’re connected but you won’t talk to the person sitting next to you. You can talk peace and love, but you’re getting up in arms over small irrelevant issues. I now only go on social media for a few minutes max, and most of it is to share what I see around me. I share visions and messages. I find myself once in a while sharing a post that is of meaning to myself, but I see changes coming up fast.

We have a path in front of us all. Some are busy smelling flowers, while others are plotting to “fix” things. We’re all on the same road to ruin. We all want that “insta-worthy” life, because our lives are gone to shit. Each person blames the other, and everyone is looking out for themselves. People do nice things and film it so they can prove they’re good, but are you if you’re doing it for recognition instead of genuinely trying to help? I had the ravens back today. I didn’t know what to say to them. I felt pressure to explain why I hadn’t done anything yet. I had no answer. They flew off and I went inside. I had a flash vision of being hunted. Many of us were hiding. The next evolution was scary and cannibalistic. I was a pest and only good for meat. No longer was I in control of anything. I remembered the one lesson I learned years ago. The only thing you control is your actions or inactions, what you say or don’t say. Everything else is an uncontrolled variable. So have I not acted enough? Have I said too much, or too little? Of course my vision of being hunted is a metaphor for something else, but it’s always something to listen to. I don’t want Zeus being the next god trying to kick my ass into gear with a lightning bolt or some shit!

Let’s try something new but old. Let’s go out and really connect to the world around us. Let’s take our power back from the electronic beasts. Let’s take a minute to assess what we are doing to our community, and our planet. Let’s make ourselves whole again. We are of the universe. We are of the planet. We can’t be whole if we are not truly connected to our creators. Honour yourself by honouring them. Love is the way, just remember to love often and always.

Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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