Broken glass

Today I screamed at the sky. I poured myself out on the field of dead grass. My heart bled for so many losses. It’s more than one can bare. I swear I could cut out my heart and leave it there on the ground. It serves no purpose but to ache anymore. My eyes burnContinue reading “Broken glass”

Observation of the day. The vent!

I have never wanted to move far away before, but lately it’s just like I can’t find a place far enough away. The sheets stupid, or just plain ignorant people here astounds me. Even those who I thought would fare better have left me scratching my head. It’s strange to find yourself dismissed just asContinue reading “Observation of the day. The vent!”

Wisdom on deaf ears will bring a faster death to the wise.

Some days it’s just like talking to yourself or beating your head against the wall. You keep repeating yourself like a broken record. You repeat yourself over and over but no one listens and they say that you’re the one who’s being argumentative. When do you just give up? Do you just give up? theContinue reading “Wisdom on deaf ears will bring a faster death to the wise.”

Fanning the flames from the grinding axe.

So I still see the same theme in my dreams. A land divided, with no more reasoning and ignorance from both sides. Its not that I believe we can stop any drastic action from happening, but instead I hope to prepare those who are fearing the inevitable clash that is not going to settle anytimeContinue reading “Fanning the flames from the grinding axe.”