esti mortanto

This morning I again started yelling out what I thought was gibberish. I relate it to a Tourette’s kind of outburst. I have what is an uncontrolled physical tic, followed by a vocal outburst of vocal articulation. but instead of noises or just curse words it’s articulated words. None I understand. I started running anContinue reading “esti mortanto”

Dirty money blues

Dream: Forced to return to my childhood home, I’m already feeling disappointed in my situation. Trying to settle in to get a nights rest, I feel deeply unsettled. Suddenly my mother bursts into my room accusing me of stealing. She’s yelling and throwing my stuff around. She takes my wallet that was sitting on topContinue reading “Dirty money blues”

Who left the door unlocked?

Being sick is no fun. In no way does anyone ever say “this flu was such a wonderful experience.” It wears you down physically and emotionally. It’s especially hard for those who have to be guarded all the time. Not like inmates, but someone who needs to be vigilant all the time. That’s what itContinue reading “Who left the door unlocked?”