How to sound like you know something about nothing.

There seems to be a lot of anxiety and toxic feelings around. It seems to be coming from self doubt and separation from our “normal” activities and our isolation. As someone who thrives in self isolation I understand the difference of anxiety caused by withdrawal and self imposed separation, and what is anxiety from outsideContinue reading “How to sound like you know something about nothing.”


I knew years ago that I had a limited shelf life. Lets just say it was inherent knowledge. My mom would always freak out and say “don’t say that, Your uncle Lorne said that…” Well of course. Some of us just know. its like we read the best by date on our carton. There isContinue reading “F-words”

Once more from the edge of the abyss.

The dream came again. Same as always. From my grandparents on Cassidy street to me standing on the ridge of the cave awaiting the beast from within to emerge. Last night it finally emerged. As I’ve always known, it was a great bear. I could always see it in my mind. I could feel it’sContinue reading “Once more from the edge of the abyss.”

Conversations in silence.

How often do we get mislabeled, misdiagnosed, misunderstood? I’m sitting here alone in silence, having multiple conversations at once. Not out loud, but in a different space. When I say that, most think I’m nuts, schizophrenic, hallucinating. But it’s how you look at it. So they cast me with that diagnosis, but yet I showContinue reading “Conversations in silence.”