The Thaw

It’s been a little crazy for me the past few months. I’ve been dealing with other people’s problems while trying to make progress with my own issues. I can’t stress enough how much one toxic person can make your life very difficult. Even though we sent them out of our home in September, we stillContinue reading “The Thaw”

There’s no place like home for the holidays

Thanksgiving in America is upon us. The hectic energy of the upcoming holiday season is well underway. The grocery stores have become a derby zone of folks in carts crashing through the aisles racing to get the bags of potatoes for two bits, and the battles at the endcaps for the last cans of cranberryContinue reading “There’s no place like home for the holidays”

winter holidays: hum drums and haymakers!

I spent the morning out today. I didn’t hide, but I didn’t put myself out there for attention either. I walked as an every day dude just watching everything. The stress of the oncoming season is already starting. People are on high alert. Everyone is extra stressed. People are already putting on their battle armorContinue reading “winter holidays: hum drums and haymakers!”