In Jamaica I’m preparing to find sacred medicine to allow me to access the spirits. Gathering roots and herbs for the journey I find myself trying to negotiate a deal with a local community determined to keep the outside world out of their lands. They realize I’m not a part of the invading colonial forces. They understand that my mission is too important to stop, and that the last thing I want is to lead the invaders to these sacred places. I collect what I need and return to the village to find a couple relatives who have a small place there where the retreat to escape the modern world. There is a little judgmental feeling they have still towards me because fate had robbed them of their child who was so close to me and they still find it unfair that I have danced by death frequently and still walk the earth while their child lost to its icy grab so long ago. Still they allow me to use their home to prepare for another journey knowing that they still have access to their daughter from beyond the veil because of me.

As I am brewing the tea I will need to access the portal between worlds, I gather tools to set out for where we need to access this portal. I find that my things are strewn about the grounds and full of parasitic insects and need to be cleaned. The only thing to destroy the swarm is fire. I make a torch that will bring flames to them but will allow me to safely keep my supplies safe from the flames. The torch created a green flame killing the swarm with the exception of the few that scurry to safely from the flames. I fetch my familiar, a white parrot that is roosted on a branch of a papaya outside the shelter. With the brew in my flask and supplies now in a pack on my back we start towards the tall rocky cliff where I can access the portal. At the base of the cliff I look up to plan the climb before I start climbing.

The climb is far from easy and I find myself getting resistance from the cliff. As if it’s trying to prevent me from my goal. My will though is strong and I climb to the peak of the highest point. I build my stone circle where I will build a fire and my corporeal body will stay while my spirit enters the other plane. My familiar takes his place on the opposite side of the fire as the fire grows and I drink the brew I prepared in the flask. The sun disappears from the sky and the night sky now enveloped the land. The glow of the portal appears from above the flames and I leave my body and pass through to the other side with my familiar taking flight following my spirit through to the other side.

I am now in the other realm. My alternative form is that of a wolf and my familiar is grown into a large bird of prey with orange and red feathers mixed into his white feathers that are now iridescent and casting light all around. The sky is red and yellow and the land has large crystal formations breaking from the ground reaching for the sky. Orbs of light float around like birds or insects would in the natural world. There is a path I find myself stand on with a strange pale blue glow far off in the distance. This is where we need to go. We start down the path on our way to seek the answers we came for knowing that when we return to the natural world we will be faced with the overwhelming battles against the darkness that has been spreading across the world deciding the people between the extremes of their fears. The fight to return balance will be long and full of wasteful death and loss. But this is what Has been tasked of us.

Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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