Clean up on 3rd rock

The light hitting the leaves as I look up into the sky shines different. It’s odd to look and visibly see a different light that makes you feel foreign, or alien. Nobody else seems to notice. They’re all too busy talking politics and religion. Meanwhile my head and eyes hurt. My skin burns faster like there’s even less atmosphere to protect us from the sun. It’s like when you try a different lightbulb because the company you used to get bulbs from went out of business and now the replacement is a cheap knock off that doesn’t compare. The food and water is drying up faster and the dust cakes my throat making it difficult to breathe.

There’s nowhere else to go. We have overpopulated so much and billionaires own all the unpopulated land for resources. Truth is, humans have fucked this shit up so bad there’s no hope for the future. Not here. I’m waiting for some alien race to come down and just wipe us out so the planet can do a hard reset. The thing is humans are tenacious. They fight to hold on to anything so nobody else has it. Waiting for Elon musk or Jeff bezos privileged rich asses to head off into space to take over some planet and name it after themselves. Open it to anyone who wants to move there but they have to pay a monthly fee for the privilege to be on their planet.

There’s already movies of this type of dystopia. Elysium was something like this, but instead of a planet found they made a city in the sky. It seems to be a popular idea, so I’m sure like other things that’s happened in our history they will make it happen. I know we don’t have flying cars but we have self driving ones as well as the hoverboard from back to the future so why not some Shangri-La in the sky for the rich elite to go to while the rest suffer. I would like to think that we wouldn’t suffer. Instead I think that the ones left behind would find a way for everyone to prosper.

Getting rid of the rich who rule the world and replacing them with empathetic and moral compass would probably give us the change we need to heal the planet. The ones who oppose are misguided by the propaganda machine that is created by those currently in charge of keeping the masses in line. If you started teaching in schools something more than your version of how to keep the machine going, people might actually start thinking for themselves rather than regurgitating the political and religious bullshit that runs rampant in America. Nobody realizes that religion is and always was a tool to manipulate the masses to bow to power. Dress it up how you like, but it too is propaganda. You can be spiritual and have a sense of higher purpose, but this worlds biggest foe is the ignorance that comes with religious indoctrination. you see so many stories of the religious leaders doing disgusting acts and get away with it as the drape themselves in their stupid religious vomiting of words seeking forgiveness for something they would not remorse about if they weren’t caught.

Imagine a world where people aren’t trying to force you to slavery and justify their atrocities by trying to convince you of a wrathful god who will torture you if you don’t do what these people say. It would be such a different place. Sure there will still be selfish desires but overall we tend to police these matters ourselves. If there was a real education and understanding of empathy this rock would be better off. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still animals at our core. There would be giving into our baser instincts, but raising your children not to fear those who look different and that we are all equal, would go a long way towards growing past that. Again though, we are just animals who need food, shelter, and the primal urge to reproduce like a virus. If we understand our nature and learn how to turn our more destructive behaviours into a more productive outlet, this place might have a chance. However we are a virus or a cancer that spreads through this planet ravaging it like a disease.

At this point I still don’t think we can accomplish any change in time to remedy what has already been destroyed. I could hope and dream about it, but hopes and dreams are as useful as thoughts and prayers to the survivors of tragedy. It does nothing. Much like these words, they say a lot of things but unless they inspire action nothing changes. Like the procrastination of those who don’t want to do the hard work and would rather watch tv and drink and eat things won’t get done if we don’t get off our asses and do them. But of course I’m saying this while I’m sitting on my ass drinking coffee while I’m unable to do anything more physically than walk 20 feet and sit down somewhere else. My mental health would be probably a lot better if my physical health were better. But here I am pontificating on things I wish I did when I could have but now it’s too late. This is typical and like the saying about hindsight, now shits hit the fan and there isn’t enough resources or energy or time to clean up the mess. I hope someone gets it right for a change.

Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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