Wisdom on deaf ears will bring a faster death to the wise.

Some days it’s just like talking to yourself or beating your head against the wall. You keep repeating yourself like a broken record. You repeat yourself over and over but no one listens and they say that you’re the one who’s being argumentative. When do you just give up? Do you just give up? the truth is, that no matter how true your words are they will never listen. So should you feel bad when they ignore you and what you said would happen happens? No! They just need to find out for themselves. So save your breath. You only have so many in this life.

Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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