This is a call!

It’s odd how things happen. As I have been online sharing my journeys with everyone, I still am being pushed to build the temple. While things don’t feel right to build where I live currently, there has suddenly been opportunities to go to other places. This brought me an idea of maybe making the temple first into a traveling one. Like the Christian missionaries. I could get a small RV or camper of some sort, and travel to different locations for different events. In travels find where it feels right to lay down roots. Today presented an opportunity to venture into big sky country. Lots of land up in Montana with glorious space for many to gather. A place to share knowledge and wisdom. A place to learn and grow. Who am I to question the path before me?

As I get the push each time, it comes with greater force. As if they lay it right before me. Like a bowl of food, laid down before a blind dog. The only one procrastinating is myself. As I find obstacles, they seem to then crumble before long. So it’s the will of the gods that I do this. I will hope to bring greatness and glory to them. This task can not be completed on my own. I will need to assemble my “raiding party” if you will. Those who wish to join in this journey. Who out there feels it’s fated to you to quest with this old dog? While it’s not a Viking raid, it is a quest that will draw blood in a sense. I lay no claim to greatness, but I do stand before you all to lead. I do not command, but instead lead by example. I carry the torch to light the way. I am looking for those who wish to forge the way with me. To cast the iron and sew the fields. Instead of spreading the barbarity of old, we will show those who seek our truth how to find their own. Stand at their backs to defend from what they can not see. Shield them from the hardships that come at them like an arrow to the heart. Ride with them so they don’t travel alone. We will raise a drink to their victories, and sing of their triumphs. When they fall, we shall send them off on their journey with the glory they deserve.

While I talk with poetry, I want you to understand this is no jest. I will raise a temple. I will bring a place for pagan, polytheistic, and just spiritual kind, together. The goal is to build a better future through understanding. it will happen because it’s the will of the gods. It will happen because it is the will of the people. It will happen because I will it so. I have seen it. I have heard it in lifetimes before.

Today it rings in my ears that it is time.


Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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