Samhain 2020

Blue moon October 31, 2020

Its hard to believe that so many this year missed out on all the fun of this sacred holiday. To me, Samhain has always been the most important day. Its the day to honor ancestors. Speak with so many on the other side. As a child the joy of dressing up and going out to get candy and carve jack o lanterns were the highlight of the year. I don’t get anyone coming to my door anymore. A neighborhood full of kids and nobody comes knocking. They have over sanitized my favorite day. This year was even worse with the covid-19 pandemic. everyone kept away out of fear. fear peddled by so many sides. Yes we need to be cautious, but there are measures easily taken that allow everyone to still carry on tradition.

Last night we had a blue moon on top of everything. a great beautiful moon lighting up the sky. The clouds painted pictures in her light. Waves of sandy dunes and great spans of sea were appearing in the sky. Demon faces of the giants would peer out as well. While I had no false spirits come for treats, I did get plenty of visitors at my fire. While shadows danced on the ground I sat under my tree watching it breathe. Dragons appeared in the sky. some so big they blocked out the moon from time to time. A great eye appeared looking down on us. I asked what it was looking for. I gave in to the energy and allowed things to channel through me. An old man with crutches appeared and told the story of how he has yet to be seen by the gods. His honor and bravery was no less than any other warrior, but he had one more thing to prove. He spat on the ground and cursed those who betrayed him. Another woman showed up dancing and singing. she carried the small pug like it was her baby. Whispering sweet words of joy and love. Another strong spirit showed up asking for ale. it had been too long since his lips were wet. He had been thirsty for years. In between the drop in visits from beyond this realm, I would notice things that were making me question what there was to the night. All of this was amazing, and I was filled with energy I had not had in a while. This was all cut short with the loud violent noise of a gunshot. It snapped me back into my own body. the animals hid trembling. the next block over someone shot a gun and sped off in a vehicle. There was a multi car crash down by one of the main intersections. I violent and unsettling end for my night. I felt robbed of my journey.

Having to be a vigilant member of the community means I need to ensure safety for others. I have to report the events and make sure nobody gets harmed. I don’t understand why so many sit back and default to a feeling like its not their problem. The indifference is appalling at times. It stirs dark feelings in me. I could cast down curses to make it unwise for them to ignore, but I truly live by the harm none rule. Ego tells me to live up to my warrior blood and bring justice, but what does that really do? blood for blood just makes a bloody mess of everything. Instead I do my civic duty and report it to the authorities for them to investigate, then I send prayers to the gods that no more get hurt. I send my offerings into the fire. mead, ale, whiskey, tobacco, flowers, and food. I set out sweets for the fae or other spirits to know that I honor them as well. I let the magic of the night absorb back to the ground. I put to bed my gardens and will let them sleep for the winter. We will await the spring to come and be reborn.

As the last embers fade in my fire I thank the elements and the spirits for blessing my circle. I thank them for the knowledge they shared. I lay a kiss on the ground to the mother earth and thank her for her love and gifts. I go to bed, and sleep peacefully. No visions to translate. No restlessness from something trying to get through still. Just calm, and peaceful sleep. Not often am I blessed with these gifts.

This morning I woke back to the feeling of fear and anxiety that’s been plaguing so many. Instead of feeding into it I am starting this new year with prayers and songs to bring about a more harmonious future. I wont waste my time dealing with other people problems. I will sit in my work space and create. The virus is still out there. The ignorance and hate is still out there. we will just have to find ways to live around it.

I leave you with this message. If you want change in the world, avoid social media. starve the demons that plague us, and feed the healthy thoughts that will heal the world. Start in your own home. Start at your front door. start in your front yard. That is how change is made. small steps that we can make on our own. the overused saying of “be the change” rings true still. Be kind to your neighbors.

Blessings and love to you all.


Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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