Bon journée

This past weekend I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. There’s all sorts of chaos and energy going on. I tried my best to spend time at our pagan perspectives nonprofit table at the healing psychic fair. I showed up around noon to just try to be present. There wasn’t a lot of people showing up. Probably because it was a beautiful day and everyone was getting spring fever. I noticed with all the practitioners there, they all seemed to be in good spirit regardless of the turnout. The strongest thing I noticed was my fellow leaders of our group were distracted. There’s issues that were being dealt with in the community that were bringing some very dark energy. There was many discussions with multiple friends. I felt completely confident though that it would pass. I noticed I’ve been reassuring many of their space and security. Then I had to leave to take my wife home for some food. Amore actually came to show support and got a reading as well as a reiki session. So when she said she was hungry I said farewell to my friends and left.

Later that night I started hearing zydeco music as well as tribal drums. I’ve heard the drums before because so many cultures have a strong connection with drums in their origins, but the zydeco music was new. It’s come into my head as an ear worm. Maybe some dr John song in my head etcetera. Then the energy got dark and strange. I started getting messages and when I shared them I typed it out how it sounded in my head. Then the messages were coming in loud and very creole. I speak French and it gives me a good starting off point to help with the creole. I was being communicated to strongly by some creole man. A bit older in a big hat who was very direct. He mentioned a name I never heard of before. He said Erzurie had plans or something for me. I decided I needed to relax because I was getting all worked up. I took a shower and smoked a bowl before going to lay in bed and listen to music. My wife came in and we were talking about the day’s events, and her being curious decided to look up the name Ezurie that I mentioned. Now I don’t do that, because my responsibilities as a shaman is to be in the moment ants not assume translation or insight to any messages. They’re not for me, but this was different because this guy was talking directly to me. So she finds out that Exurie is a spirit in Haitian beliefs. A loa. I thought it was interesting because I keep getting messages of unity, strength, and love, and here’s this loa who is a spirit of love apparently. So again I laugh at myself and my sanity, thinking how I keep getting dirties and such just showing up in my life like a neighbor stopping in for a cup of tea. All night this guy keeps showing up talk my ear off. The more he’s talking, the more I feel I need to go to New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to, but never have. It gets stronger until 2 days later I decided I would look up and see how much it might cost for us to take a little vacation to the big easy. Me being me looked up New Orleans travel for the magically inclined. Third spot down there’s that name again, Exurie. This doesn’t get anymore clear as to what I have to do. I mean the last time messages and synchronicities were this strong was when I woke from a conversation with Odin to 2 ravens outside my window yelling at me. So here I am now planning a trip to New Orleans with my wife.

I don’t know what’s in store next, but there are huge things coming. Shifts have been happening and roles are changing in the community. I’m being pushed into this so hard but I’m accepting it. It’s exciting and crazy. My vision of community and ripples is still there, just a few key roles have changed. I’m curious to see what I find in New Orleans and where it takes us next.

I love sharing my journey with you all. I will keep you updated.

Peace on your journey

~ Snowy Owl ~

Published by Snowy Owl

There was a lot more written here before. Then I saw it was irrelevant. I am just another person with an autoimmune disease and spectrum ”disorder” who is highly sensitive to their environment. I thought I would write a few things down, so here you go. Swim at your own risk!

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